Friday, November 19, 2010


In preperation for our holiday pictures tomorrow, Sean finally took Owen to get his haircut! It was getting pretty shaggy- as seen here:
So- he picked him up from school and off they went. The finished product:

He looks so cute- and old. It's amazing that with every haircut, they seem to age. I miss the little curls he used to have prior to getting his haircut. To be reminiscent...

Look how young he looks? This was last Christmas.

me and my boys:

So glad it's Friday! Looking forward to the weekend. Sean's dad gets to come home today so we'll see how that directs our weekend. We've left things loose for the most part. We have the contractor coming tomorrow to build the frame of the bar and of course the family pictures that at this point, we'll all be naked for because the outfit situation isn't coming together. Other than that, I hope to relax!


  1. You all look adorable Shannon! What a precious haircut Owen has!!!

    I am hoping to grow Jillian's hair long so I have no idea when I would have to get her haircut. What are your plans with Quinny?

    Have a great weekend, can't wait to see your family pictures! We are getting ours taken on Tuesday!


  2. Love Owen's haircut! He is getting so big! Good luck with the family pictures and the outfit situation!

  3. aww.. such a lil man! how often do boys need their hairs cut? ashlyn still has not had a haircut, so having a boy is going to be a whole new thing for us when it comes to maintaining the hair lol