Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty good weekend. I stayed in on Friday night and attempted to get some cleaning done in the house. Fail... I can't clean with three children. I think it's impossible. I need a cleaning lady...

Saturday we had a contractor over to work on the cabinets in the basement bar. Those got installed and look great. Owen loved him too- he kept wanting to be down there to help. The contractors name was Walter and everytime I heard Owen, I thought he wanted water, but no, he wanted to go help Walter. Sean's family came over that afternoon which was nice, but the visit was too short. I love seeing my kids with their cousin!

We went out Saturday night for some Mexican and bowling. Had a great time out- there was 12 of us- so the competition was feirce between the guys!

On Sunday we went to the football game. Lost in overtime but it was such a great game. Hunter has really been into it this year, so its been nice taking him to more games now that he really enjoys it. We came home and my kids were terrors. Owen didnt nap on Saturday or Sunday (I knew he wouldnt) and when Quinlin would need something, he would decide he needed something too. I couldn't wait until bedtime!

In other news, Hunter didnt make the basketball team. He got cut for his ball handling. Pretty positive though- the coach liked his hustle and his shooting. He wasnt disappointed- he knew he wasn't going to make it. I love that about him. He has such great self-esteem. Owen attempted potty training again- and earned a sucker (yay Owen)! Quinlin learned to pull herself up and stand in the crib. All she wants to do now is stand. Chuck (BIL) was holding her on Saturday and she even managed to stand a bit on her own (maybe about 4 seconds). It will be nice when she's walking- though I'm sure I'll be eating those words in no time. I have to watch her like a hawk- pulling everything out of her mouth. She even put a golf ball in her mouth the other day. Then I caught Owen playing under the sink and he had a dishwashing capsule in his mouth. Do my kids think I'm not feeding them? Maybe I need to stay on top of my menu planning!

So- Menu Planning Monday- courtesy of Org Junkie!

Sunday- leftovers
Monday- Chicken Piccatta and pasta
Tuesday- Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday- Chinese Chicken and Rice
Thursday- Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
Friday- Baked Chicken and vegetables
Saturday- maybe we'll order out... by this time, I may be tired of cooking!

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  1. Chicken picatta sounds great...and I love me some Mexican! Sounds like a good weekend!