Friday, November 12, 2010

Quinlin- 10 Months Old

Where has the time gone???? Quinlin is 10 months old (as of yesterday). 9 months brought a whole lot of changes and you have been amazing!
  • You have been healthy (knock on wood) so I don't have an accurate weight, but my guess is you're about 22 pounds.
  • You are still in size 3 diapers
  • You are wearing mostly size 12 month clothing. All of the pajamas are 12 month and most of your clothes are... though- we somehow manage to get your 6-9 month jeans up those adorable chunky thighs!
  • You love to eat! Now that you have discovered table food, you could care less about baby food. You like your independence and love the ability to feed yourself. The daycare always compliments on how much you love your food and what a good eater you are (which explains those chunky thighs)
  • You are only drinking 3 bottles a day. You now have a totally different food routine. You wake up at 6:30am for school and drink 5 oz, eat breakfast about 8:30am at school consisting of a banana (usually) and cheerios. You eat lunch at 11:30am, get a snack and bottle about 4pm and then dinner at 6:00 or 6:30pm.
  • You love to sleep. Bed time has been pushed up to about 7 or 7:30pm- which makes me sad, but you play so hard during the day that you're usually ready for sleep.
  • You love bathtime. Now with your new big girl moves, bath time is harder as you just want to climb out and stand up.
  • You love stealing Owen's toys but do not like it when he takes them back. Sibling rivalry at its best!
  • You finally have started real crawling, as opposed to the army crawling, though still fall back on it from time to time.
  • I get such joys driving you and Owen to school in the mornings and listening to you "speak" to each other. You blow rasberries at each other and laugh and laugh. Or you take your socks off and Owen tells on you.
I cant believe in only 2 months, you'll already be a year old! I'm going to have to start looking at the calendar to plan your first birthday party! I love you baby girl!

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  1. So adorable! GG is a sleep too and I love it! Doesn't the time pass (almost) too quickly!?