Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Big Girl

This crazy smile... I miss her. This post will be entirely devoted to Quinlin as she now likes to go to bed around 7pm so I don't get to spend as much time with her during the week as I want. It makes me sad. So- a little post all about her...and how big she is getting. This weekend, we said good-bye to the infant carrier. She was starting to exceed the weight limit and was just too heavy to carry around anymore in it. This makes me sad too...I really am done having a baby...she'll be a toddler before I know it.

 We installed the convertible car seat this weekend. I really love this seat. It's the same one Owen has and I couldn't pass up a good deal. They have been sitting brand new and boxed in our basement since June, so it was finally time to get them in the cars! She's a little unsure of it...

I tried to get a picture of Owen (oops this is a post about Quinlin) and Quinlin together in the backseat. I kind of cut-off her head a little bit. 

Owen was all about smiling for the camera until he realized how bright the flash is when it's dark outside.

Now she looks a little happier...

There's my boys big brown eyes!

We also had to lower Quinlin's crib this weekend too. Baby girl realized how to pull herself up and start eating the crib. So- the crib has been lowered and the teething cover has been removed from Owen's crib and placed on Quinlin's. Let's just hope Owen doesn't decide to start biting his crib again!


  1. But who is Olivia going to rock in an infant seat and say, "Baybee" too?? They will be having sleepovers before we know it!

  2. Love the new carseat!! It beautiful!

    BTW, you are SO lucky Quinny is such a good sleeper. She sounds like a dream baby. Love her!


  3. I love the new carseat and it looks like your sweet girl does too!!!!!

    I am so jealous she is such a great sleep for you. She is just so precious!