Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tell All Tuesday 11/30/10

  • My items arrived in the mail yesterday from my big Old Navy/Gap purchase. So excited about them- minus the fact that I was excited to order new clothes for me and when they arrived and I tried them on, I was disappointed. I should rephrase- I only bought two things for myself. One I liked- the other- i felt frumpy. That will be returned immediately!
  • I love Craigslist. We just put on there our Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, the deluxe play mat and gym and our bouncer. Last night we sold the jumperoo and the playmat. Just need to sell the bouncer and I can start listing other items. It's nice to get some of the clutter out of our home. We're done having children, so no point in hanging on to them. Nice feeling to get rid of them, but kind of sad with the finality of a chapter closing.
  • Owen is talking up a storm- all of a sudden. Full conversations on the phone, full songs in the backseat.... I'm so proud of him. it's so fun to sing and have him sing along- minus the fact that we are constantly singing- "rain rain, go away"- even on sunny days! He also seems to be learning a lot at daycare. I always thought because I am not a stay at home mom that my children would be delayed a bit because I can't work with them. I dont worry about it anymore- he's catching up just fine. He knows certain colors- red, orange, yellow, purple, green, black. We're working on the others. He counts to 12. He sings the abc's... we're getting there!
  • Have I mentioned that I'm still working on the art project? yep- it's seriously never-ending.
  • The bar is coming along in the basement. Cabinets up, granite and sink ordered. I'm so excited to get this project finished. And- I even got Sean to hang some of our Crate & Barrel artwork that I purchased- last September (as in a year ago).
  • I love Pink. I dont know if I have mentioned that one or not in my little tell all tuesday posts, but I seriously love her new song. I start singing obnoxiously (and I'm sure way off-key) whenever it comes on.
  • I didnt do a menu for the week. Feeling slightly unmotivated. We did pizza Sunday, tacos Monday and tonight is spaghetti and meatsauce...I guess I'm winging the rest of the week. Maybe lots of chicken dishes since our Sam's club run included stocking up.
  • I think I have our holiday cards picked out... I have it narrowed down to five different ones. Just waiting for my code from shutterfly to place my order- and I guess to make a list to make sure I'm ordering exactly how many I need.

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