Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Coming Out of Hiding

I am admitting to my "real" friends and family I have a little blog.... I better run back to old posts and make sure I didn't talk badly of anyone. LOL. Just kidding. Welcome to my blog if you're reading it for the first time. Nothing exciting to share today- it's Friday (woot woot) and I am excited for the weekend. Oh wait- Hunter almost got a 4.0 for his first quarter in 8th grade. I am so proud of him... the one class he got a B in, you ask? Home Ec.... I guess it could be worse. But, when I was in school, Home Ec was an easy A class. That's ok though- the classes that really mattered he did well in. And- he's to the point where I can't help him with his homework because it's HARD. So- kudos to him! We'll see if he can keep up the good grades this quarter! He's already telling me he won't get all A's as this quarter he's taking Art. As long as he tries, that's all I can ask.

Not a whole lot planned for the weekend. Staying in this weekend to catch up on cleaning and try to put together baby stuff that we will be selling on ebay/craigslist. Sad to get rid of things, but nice to not hang on to things we no longer need. Other than that, hopefully we'll finally watch Clash of the Titans. We've had this netflix movie for 3 weeks now and I keep saying we're going to watch it and never do. Sean will go to the football game on Sunday so I will head out to my parents I think with the kids.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Hi Shannon, it's funny, as much as I enjoy my blog, not too many people in real life know about it either. Perhaps because I am a little too honest and reveal a lot of my inner most thoughts. I get embarressed thinking that my friends or co-workers may be reading about it!!! Only recently have a few friends starting reading my blog. Glad to hear that you feel the same way.

    So proud of Hunter for getting mostly A's! That is hardwork, NR is not an easy school!