Friday, October 29, 2010

16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are my guilty pleasures.... I enjoy putting the kids to bed and curling up under the covers and watch, in peace, these shows... I dvr them, I watch them when they are a rerun and I have nothing else to watch (rare, my DVR is so full). The premiere of the new season was Tuesday night.... did you watch? The highlights for me:

[1]He wore a jumpsuit to their wedding and they had their honeymoon at the racetrack

[2]Condoms were under the sink...was she condoning sex by even teaching her how to put it on the cucumber?

[3]they named the baby Brody- a combo of Brooke and Cody

[4]they wanted to buy a prefabbed barn to live in- though after seeing one, it was kind of cute.

[5] at 26 weeks she complained she wasstarting to get big and was uncomfortbale- not big at all. Suck it up.

[6] she wore a pink sweatsuit at her baby shower

[7]I like the mom "I should not have to pick up a breast pad ever". I did like when she said I'm trying to help you learn how to be a wife and mother, and for you to be a husband and a father.

Loved every second of it... Brooke seemed to have a very supporting family... Unlike April, the mother of Catelynn on Teen Mom... Anyway- I will hopefully blog some recaps here and there throughout the season. Classic stuff- really!

Looking forward to the weekend! I am off of work today- hoping to get a good cleaning done on the house and get a jump start on the laundry. The kids are at daycare so I can really dig in. Aside from that, we have a Halloween Party to go to tomorrow night and Trick or Treating on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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