Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap/ Menu Planning Monday

First- we'll start with food because I like it! Inspired by, here is our menu for the week:

Sunday- family was on the own- I had dinner out with friends. More on that later.
Monday- creamy ranch chicken with egg noodles and broccoli
Tuesday- beef tacos
Wednesday- Sean and I are having steaks on the grill- the kids will have burgers
Thursday- family on own- I have dinner plans with my friend Linda
Friday- bbq chicken, roasted potatoes
Saturday- Halloween party

Pretty easy week menu wise!

Weekend Recap
I had such a nice weekend. I almost felt like my weekend started on Thursday because I had dinner out with my six closest girlfriends. We went to Winking Lizard and caught up with each other. between marriages, babies, boyfriends, dating stories, we always have so much to talk about!

Friday was a busy day at work. I came home and wanted to relax but the house was a mess. So- we picked up the downstairs and called it a day. Hunter cleaned his bedroom, bathroom, basement and basement bathroom in preparation for his buddies coming over.

My parents came over on Saturday for a little bit (they took Hunter to a play in the afternoon) and I did laundry all day. The greatest was from 1-3 when I had Hunter gone, Quinlin and Owen napping, and Sean napping as well. I sat in the living room and happily tried to catch up on my DVR. I think I have a problem when there are so many shows, and not enough time to watch them all. it was so nice to have peace and quiet and "me" time. Saturday night I went to Megan's for her 11th annual slumber party. It was low key this year- maybe about 15 of us, but a nice time. I decided not to slumber there- something about sleeping in my own bed- so I left about midnight.

Sunday was fantastic! A Browns win over the Saints (amazing defense and special teams game) and then movie night with seven friends. We saw:

Very cute comedy- a little predictable- but I very much enjoyed it. Even though I knew the premise of the movie, I couldnt help but cry when the babies parents die and the baby was orphaned. I hope to God that Sean and I live a long life together!!! Anyway- typical chick flick. Glad I saw it- I am not a Katherine Heigl fan at all (as a person) but love her in these kinds of movies! After the movie, we went to Bonefish Grill. Once again, it was fabulous. This time, I got the scallops and shrimp pan asian style. That was on my sampler platter from the first time I was there and I enjoyed it just the same. I came home, watched some Sunday night football- much more fun to watch now that I have more of an interest in other teams because of my fantasy team. more on them tomorrow for Tell All Tuesday.


  1. Glad to hear you had such a great weekend!!! We will have to catch up soon. The Browns game was amazing, so excited that they won!

  2. Looking for some good meal ideas. Happy Menu planning. Have a great week.

    Nina (Author)