Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture Day

Owen and Quinlin had picture day at daycare last week. We got the proofs back yesterday. My children are sooooo cute in person, not always the most photogenic, though when taken by the right photographer (ahem- plug for Colleen Reed Photography- http://colleenreed.zenfolio.com/) they really come out so adorable. (so- if you need a photographer, Colleen's your girl!)

The photographers that came to the daycare werent able to quite get the images I am used to. Quinlin was a ham... Owen- not so much. Pardon the quality- we were given a photocopy of the images so these were from my cell. These were my two favorites of Quinlin's. Not sure yet which one I'm going to order. Maybe I'll do both. Not sure which one will go in the class photo too.
Then there was Owen...

Could he look any more miserable and pathetic? He looks like he was just placed in time out. Again- even if I dont order a picture (which I almost feel obligated to because I dont want to show favortism with my children) I still have to pick a picture for his class photo. Ugh.

Luckily I have a small halloween photo shoot scheduled with Colleen this weekend. She can get Owen to smile!

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  1. Thanks Shannon! And aweee, poor Owen's little frown!