Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I was very excited to once again plan our menu for the week and stay organized for once. Sometimes, I dont know how we do it with 3 kids but- we managed to go to the grocery store and only bought what we needed for the week and are trying to use up items from our freezer and pantry. Grand total at Giant Eagle this week? $47.69. The sad thing is, I know if we would have gone to Marc's, we would have probably spent half... oh well. Here's our menu:

Sunday- chicken with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, steamed veggies

Monday- chicken tacos

Tuesday- sloppy joe sandwiches and baked potatoes

Wednesday- tuscan chicken and pasta

Thursday- chicken marsala and pasta

Friday- chicken fajitas

Saturday- frozen pizzas (Sean and I have plans so kids are on their own with the sitter)

Notice a trend of chicken? Thank you Sam's Club big bags! Plus- Sean and Hunter are starting their big workout that they have been talking about for weeks. Sean wanted to wait until Hunter's cross country season was over. Today is day one- they're supposed to run a mile and then start lifting... let's see if they actually do it today! Hunter's excited to start working out with Sean.... and Sean's excited too... (Hunter calls Sean the "bad Situation") LOL

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  1. What a great idea, I need to try this. Did you get it off of the Orgjunkie website? We buy the huge bags of chicken at Giant Eagle, I love them! I make so many meals out of them.