Monday, October 4, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

So Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in Northeast Ohio building a home for a local family. Through work, I got to go down to the site on Friday to volunteer. Once I read about the family chosen, I couldnt wait to get down there and be a part of it. The mother is legally blind, the father is totally blind and they have two sons, one of whom is hearing impaired. Despite their own needs, they run a center for families with disabilities as well. They were nominated by the Mayor for the show and I am so glad they were picked and are getting their new house.

My company sent about 6 of us down to help with the construction and also sent some guys down to actually help do the build. I didnt get to do much, but it was neat to see even in the short amount of time that I had been there. This is what the site looked like on Friday afternoon when I got there at about 2:30pm:

And a continuation of the work...

See the dude in the plaid shirt with his back to us? That's Ty Pennington...

I left about 5pm on Friday but have been following along all weekend to the progress of the build. From newschannel 5's website, this is what the house looks today. They just have to finish work on the interior before the big reveal tomorrow!

The house looks incredible. I'm amazed they are able to do these things so quick. They do make much of it prior to getting to the job site and just piece it together. The house is, I believe, about 3100 square feet. They dont use a garage because they cant drive so the builders built an office area where they can do their community outreach work. It truly looks amazing. I cannot wait for the show to air in December.
I came home from the build and we did movie night in the basement (Iron Man 2). We went to the farm on Saturday to spend the day with Sean's parents and then caught up with laundry while watching the Browns game on Sunday. Go Browns!

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  1. Hi Shannon, I heard that the Extreme Homemakeover was in town! My grandma used to live right down the street from where they are building the house. How exciting that you were able to be a part of it! The home looks amazing, I can't wait to watch the episode on TV.
    I received your comment about checking out the Strongsville Target for the pink coat. You are so sweet to offer, I really appreicate it. My sister actually lives on the Strongsville/NR/Brunswick border so she was able to stop at the Strongsville Target for me on Friday. Great minds think a like so I really appreciate the offer. I ended up finding one in my own back yard, the Mentor Target. I should have checked there first. I hope you had a nice weekend. So glad that the Browns finally won. I am sure it makes life a little happer in your house, I know it does in mine!