Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roger Waters Concert

So- last week I got an email from GE Smith asking if I'd be interested in seeing the Roger Waters Concert at the Q on Tuesday night. GE is currently touring with Roger and gets two tickets per show. I was so incredibly flattered that he invited us!!! I called Sean who was so excited and jumped at the chance. After checking with my boss, since that is how I have a relationship with GE, I immediately emailed him back and said we would love to go! He told me the show started at 8, but that they really didnt come on until 8:15pm. I was so glad he told me that! We drove downtown and I couldnt believe how many people I saw. I didnt realize how big a show this actually was- but the Q was sold out. I should have known- with how big Pink Floyd was- it was jam packed! We got to will call and there was an envelope with our name on it. The ticket lady opened it up and handed us the contents...

First- our ticket

Section 109, Row 5, Seats 1 and 2! we were on the right side of the stage (not floor) but lower sides (right side when facing stage but I guess to the artists left?). Fantastic seats! I forgot to bring my real camera, but a pic from my cell phone

Also inside my envelope were hospitality passes- woot woot!

How cool is that? it allowed us to get to the hospitality area to see the band prior to admission and intermission. We didnt make it down prior, but went down in intermission. It was a nice little area they set up in the visiting team's locker room at the Q. They had couches, restrooms and then an area with beer, water and chips. A few of the band members came down but it was pretty rushed. It was kind of funny to see some girls, completely dressed up....groupies maybe? LOL.

The show itself was amazing. The Plain Dealer took some great shots of the show:

You can see GE in the first shot playing guitar (hi GE!)

What a neat experience- such a fun night! Best part- it only cost us $10 for parking!

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