Thursday, September 16, 2010

Karma's a Bitch

what have we been up to this week, you ask? for starters....

On Monday, we went to play the answering machine and caught a call that Hunter didnt answer fast enough. It went something like this:

Caller- Hi Hunter? this is Simon
Long Pause
Hunter- How did you get my number?
Caller- Well you know in 3rd grade, we got a directory of everyone's phone numbers....
Hunter- yeah
Caller- well I looked and saw I had yours
Hunter- so
Caller- I was hoping you could help me out with social studies
Hunter- why
Caller- I didnt understand...
Hunter- it was due already
Then all of a sudden, he hung up on him.

I couldnt believe it. We were horrified. here some poor kid wanted help on his homework and Hunter didnt want to give him the time of day. i thought I raised him to be better than that, to be nice to people, etc. So- he got grounded, had to call the kid back to apologize, etc. We were angry. Later that night- we all went to bed as normal. Well- Hunter ended up in the hospital for 10 hours on Tuesday. He woke up Monday night very sick... lots of stomach pain (to the point of almost tears and doubled over) and vomitting. After throwing up about 8 times, I finally decided to take him into the emergency room to rule out anything such as appendicitis. In the middle of a vommiting episode, Sean tells him "karma's a bitch" So- on our way to the hospital, that was all Hunter could think about. Hopefully- lesson learned. Though- a tough lesson at that. We got to the hospital about 6am. He was in so much pain, they gave him an iv with zofran in it and decided to run tests. After an ultrasound, cat scan, blood work, morphene, etc, they determined it wasnt appendicitis and we finally got to go home about 4pm. all the tests were inconclusive, but he was getting better, not worse, so they sent us home to monitor. All is well now. The pediatrician, after reviewing his chart, thinks it was just a really bad case of gas, which caused his bowels to dilate and become inflamed which caused obstruction, that led to the vomitting. I'm just glad he's better. I hated to see him in so much pain. He looks better here though, right? This was after the morphene...

On a different note, we got our king size bed! After much debating and deciding, I went with the Vera Wang textures collection for the bedding. I am happy with it, however, we dont like the sheet set at all. I wish I didnt wash it first and then put it on the bed. It is so not soft, it makes noise, it crinkles, such a disappointment. Sean asked me if I went shopping at China Town and purchased Vera Wongs instead. So- needless to say, I am returning the second set I bought and will buy a plain white sheet set to use as well. The coverlet, duvet, pillows, etc I couldnt be happier with. Sorry for the bad pics, this is what I get for using my cell camera... I am so lazy, I havent downloaded real pictures yet from the camera.

My room looks really plain though. I need to find curtains, artwork, etc... My internet friend Karen is having a giveaway for a Target giftcard... that could come in handy on redecorating my room... stop on over to her blog

She has such great decorting ideas and her daughter Jillian is absolutely adorable. Speaking of adorable... Quinlin turned 8 months old!

She is so funny lately. She sees the camera and starts smiling and laughing and all of a sudden opens her mouth so wide. It's hilarious! She is talking up a storm...little baby babbles are the best. She hasnt been to the doctor lately, but I'm guessing she's about 18 or 19 pounds. Still size 3 diapers and wearing size 6-9 month clothing. She is so fun. Owen is really starting to like her now too as she interacts with him more. She cries and he says "why are you crying baby"? or he'll say "hi baby" or "give me the ball". It is so fun to see both of their personalities really coming through. I love my little monkeys!

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