Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap!

We had a great weekend. It started out with my parents coming over for pizza and football on Thursday night and we hung out in the basement watching the Browns. I didnt work on Friday so staying up late this time was enjoyable for me.

Friday I dropped the kids at daycare and had a "me" day. I started at Kohl's and purchased the insert for our duvet, pillows, a mattress protector, etc. This new idea of a king bed has suddenly gotten very expensive! After Kohl's, I treated myself to Panera and went on to the salon to get my hair done. I tried a new place... I liked it...but at the cost, I dont know. I dont feel like my hair looks much different, which could be my fault too. I wanted to keep the length so just had the color redone and some layers put in. I bought a roundbrush so have been playing around with it. It must be working though as my father in law gave me all sorts of looking younger compliments. I'll take it. After the salon, I came home, ran some errands with Sean and picked the kids up. Hunter had Michael over for dinner, which was nice. Low key evening and we were all in bed by 9:30 because Hunter had a meet the next morning.

Saturday morning we woke up to crisp air and wind...Hunter had to be at the school by 6:15am for his meet and we made the decision that it was too cold for the babies to watch him run. So- Sean went to the big early bird invitational and I stayed home with Q and O. They got home about 10:30 and Hunter was so excited that he dropped his time by over a minute. He finished his race at 17:20... so proud of him. wish I could have watched it. Sean's parents came over about noon and we left them with the kids and went to Ed's store to buy a mattress. So excited for the one we picked out-- I cant wait to get out new bed. We came home and started making chili in preperations for Carrie's 8th Annual Chili Cookoff. After making it last weekend, I think we got a bit cocky. We decided to double our recipe... (didnt think it would change the taste, but it did). So- we did 6 pounds of beef instead of the 3. from the beginning things went wrong... we cooked the meet, added the peppers and onions and started stirring with a wooden spoon. The porcelain handle of the spoon broke and we had to throw all the beef away so we didnt risk anyone ingesting a piece of porcelain that we didnt fish out.... 6 pounds in the trash... so Sean went back to the store and bought more meat, peppers and onions... he came home with 5 pounds...Ugh! so- had to go back again for the last pound of beef. we started cooking- added all our ingrediants and found out we didnt have enough dortmunder... back to the store Sean went. so frustrating. We let it simmer, etc. and it was good. it just didnt have the wow factor as the first time we made it.

Sunday was busy! we had our chili simmering again and went to the Wolf's annual labor day party. Lots of fun, but rushed. we only stayed for about an hour and a half, came home, grabbed our chili and off to the cookout we went. We had a great time, but it was hard because we constantly had to chase after the kids so didnt get to visit with our friends, etc. And when I say "Chase after the kids", I guess it should be rephrased to "chase after Owen". He had the time of his life. The chili cookoff was a success. We didnt win but placed around 4th or 5th. My friend Kelli helped count votes and said we had a really good amount. Oh well. It was worth a try! Of course prior to the cookoff, we said we would never enter again as it forced us to have to be there at a certain time, etc. However, upon leaving, Sean was already thinking of how he wanted to make his chili for next year.

Monday we cleaned and then made our way to Jennifer's for a cookout. Came home, bathed the kids, put laundry away...nothing exciting. Looking ahead already to next weekend. Hopefully the week will go fast. Hunter has another meet today. Wishing him luck as I have to miss it... :(

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