Monday, September 20, 2010


Want to know what I did this weekend? I shopped... for make-up. I could have bought something of substance (purse, shoes, clothes, etc), but instead, spent a whole lot of money on makeup. Yikes! But- I think I am happy with my purchases. Want to see what $230 gets you? For starters, I bought the foundation I had been wearing and ran out of- Make Up Forever HD Foundation- color 120. I also grabbed the nars concealer after the kind makeup gal told me about the dark circles under my eyes... I guess I'm an easy sell (picture below).

I was supposed to buy powder but figured I would hold off until my next trip (must remember to get color 220 next time for that). I then walked away with concealer, eye shadow, blush, eye liner, eye primer...eek!

Here is my eye liner- I absolutely love the Lancome liquid eyeliner in noir. I then went and purchased a eye lash curler. I never curl my lashes and wanted to start so purchased what they recommended...

I needed a new blush so went with Nars powder in the color sin. I love it- though the first time I tried it, I didnt realize how much grabbed to my brush and it went on a little dark. But- I finally had cheeks! or cheekbones I should say.

I wanted to start working on my eyes a little more so purchased a primer. I didn't realize that you needed a seperate primer for eye shadow in addition to the face. So- me, still in sticker shock for knowing what I was about to purchase, decided to choose one and buy the other another time. So- I bought the nars smudge proof eyebase. Totally makes a difference. My eyeshadow and liner finally lasted all day! After deciding on the base, I went with some eye shadows as well. Nars abyssinia and duo kalahari (not these purple colors shown- ha). I then finished the eyes off with the bad gal mascara. I already knew I was a fan of that one after trying it one day when I was unimpressed with diorshow.
All in all, a fun trip to the mall. a lot of money spent on makeup. I must find the comparable items for cheaper... help? Our shopping trip ended with me accidentally hitting the straw from my chic-fil-a cup onto the ceiling of my car only for it to burst through the bottom. I drove him in a coca-cola nightmare. I'm still finding sticky spots I missed when cleaning it up. Yuck. Thought it was entirely my fault, I blame chick-fil-a.

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