Friday, September 24, 2010

TV Talk

Remember this post?

Yeah- I couldnt stop talking about it. Loved the episode- everything about it. The season premiere was last night.

Major Letdown.

I dont know what I was expecting, but I was disappointed. I even fell asleep partway through it and had to rewatch what I missed this morning.

I get that it would be hard to pick up exactly where they left off, but to come back into it and see them through thier counseling sessions, etc, didnt do anything for me. The only positive was seeing Bailey vulnerable again. Though- I do hope she can let the "tape and glue" dry and end up with the anesthesiologist.

Best line in the show?

Christina "How is Owen"
Meredith "Owen is fantastic"

Haha. I had to smile.

Maybe I should stick with my shows that dont require me to think. LOL. Teen Mom, Bachelor, Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Survivor... I love that stuff!

So- at least its Friday. We dont have much planned this weekend. We got our babysitter for tonight so Sean and I could go on a much needed date night. Not sure where we are going yet. Aside from that, I hope to do some shopping and cleaning this weekend. And spend time with my children. Have a great Friday!

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