Friday, May 21, 2010

TV Talk- Grey's Anyone?

Last night was the two hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Holy Shit. It was Ah-MAZ-ing! So good where I gasped after the first 8 minutes and scared Q who was drinking a bottle. So good that I spent half the episode with my jaw dropped and my hands on my face. So good where I found my heart beating out of my chest. So good where I didnt want it to end. So good where I didnt mind staying up until 11:00pm and listening to Sean bitch about how a bedroom should not have a TV in it anymore and that when I get home, it will be disconnected (I think he's all talk personally).
  • Holy shit when he shot Reed. Shocker
  • Hilarious when Bailey was working on Charles with the patient (Mandy Moore) and she asked what was leaking and getting her wet and Mandy said it was her tears. Nice to see a vulnerable side for once
  • Glad closure (maybe) has been determined in the Lexie, Sloan, Karev storyline. I did feel bad for Sloan when she was professing her love for Karev
  • Meredith and Derek- heartbreaking. Heartbreaking seeing Derek get shot and Meredith watching. heartbreaking when they unhooked the machine to fool the shooter and watching Meredith fall to the ground. Heartbreaking that she then suffered a miscarriage.
  • Glad that Derek lived (did I really expect him to die?)
  • This episode totally ranked with the Denny dying episode, the George dying episode and the bomb squad where the bomb blew up episode.

Holy shit- cant stop thinking about it. Great, great tv! Then Q was up all night for some reason, not sure why, so I think I'm running on maybe 2 hours of sleep. All the more to add fuel to the fire for Sean as to why we should have gone to bed earlier. I dont regret it though. Great tv!

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