Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend. Friday, Sean took a half day from work and went fishing since the weather was beautiful. I somehow remember a conversation during ice fishing season that had to do with Sean having to get on the ice because once the ice melted, he'd be done fishing for the year. he didnt anticipate fishing in the spring/summer... I think he forgot the conversation. That's ok though. I picked up the kids from school/daycare and grabbed us Burger King since I didnt feel like cooking. The grilled chicken sandwich is so perfect for Owen. So, we ate dinner and I whisked the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. I strapped Owen and Quinlin in for a walk and dragged Hunter along with me. It's nice to have some quiet time with him. We walked through the development, past the playground and into the walking trails. I missed that stuff so its nice to be able to do it. Afterwards, Owen started playing with Adam, the little boy two doors down, so I had a nice time hanging out with Matt and Kerri watching the boys play. Sean came home and about 10 minutes later, Quinlin threw up. Not sure why. a bug maybe?

Saturday, she was fine so we made a plan for the day. Because Sean fished, he said he was all mine the rest of the weekend, so what did I have in mind? shopping! We packed up the kids and went to Old Navy, Target and the Mall. I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping trip. I splurged on an outfit to wear to the bar mitzvah at Ann Taylor. I am so excited!!! though, never would pay $158 for shoes. but i couldnt help it. Arent they gorgeous??? I just had to have them.
Plus, I bought a matching belt to go with them that
I will wear with a black dress. The dress is the one pictured only in black. The only problem though is that the weather outlook for the weekend does not look good at all. Yikes!
After our shopping trip, we came home, babies napped, Sean and Hunter got haircuts and I did laundry. We then had our sitter come over and went out to a new restaurant, La Boca. It was very good! Bad neighborhood but delicious none the less. We met out Jimmy and Tanya, Sawsan and Mike, Megan and Mitch, and Jimmy's brother Kevin and his wife Kelly. Had a great time, salsa danced a bit (they had lessons. Alcohol and lessons, bad combo)
Sunday, we ran some errands out in Mentor and grabbed Hunter after his hebrew run through. He's very ready for the bar mitzvah to be over! He really is doing great!
I went to work on Monday and then had an appointment with a new gastroenterologist. My old doctor moved to Nebraska so the clinic suggested someone new. I explained my symptoms and he's starting me out with tests to figure out what is the cause to all my stomach issues. I'm excited to see if I can get a real diagnosis... for now, had blood work done and waiting on the results. He wants to rule out dairy or wheat allergies. I dont think I have those, but I'll go along with it to determine a diagnosis and make my quality of life better. Fingers crossed!

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