Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Owen- 21 Months

21 Months today! I looked at the calendar and couldnt figure out what else was significant about the 4th and I remembered. In just 3 short months, you will be two!

You are having a blast at 21 months. Your favorite thing to do is be outside. whether you are playing basketball, playing on your new step 2 slide, going for walks, it doesnt matter. We have to bribe you with cookies to get you in the house. You also are very much enjoying playing with Adam who lives 2 doors down. It's so great, as I said before, to watch you explore and learn.

You are rough and tough and extremely high energy. I love watching you jump on the bed and laugh and laugh. I love hearing you say mama over and over again as I pick you up from school. I love watching you shoot hoops in the living room and talk to Quinlin as she watches from her swing. I wish I knew the stories you are telling her. I have a feeling your conversation goes something like "hey Q- watch this shot. dang I missed. Let me try again."

Lets see- some stats:
  • You are in size 18-24 month pants and 24 month or 2T shirts
  • You wear a size 6 shoe and size 4 diapers
  • You are 26 pounds
  • You can answer on your own the sounds of birds, lions, dogs, cats and cows
  • you love to sleep and go down very easily. sometimes when you're tired you'll say "bye bye" and wave to tell me its time for bed. You also love to sleep on your back with your feet hanging out of the slats of the crib (or on your stomach with your butt in the air- though more often that position if you poop)
  • you are starting to understand the potty- though I dont think you have any interest in actually using it. Your favorite thing is to grab the toilet paper, wipe and put it in (though you wipe over your clothes and diaper, not quite sure what you think you're wiping)
  • you point out your body parts- eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, knee, hand, feet, leg, toes, belly, butt, penis, manboobs
  • your new favorite phrase is "what is this" or "this" as in this ball, this car
  • words- onion, what is this, hippo, potty, shoe, bye, hi, all done, all gone, ball, slide, go outside, walk, car, cookie, bread, banana, apple, cheese, bed, sister, hunter, mama, dada. I'm sure there are more as you really are finally starting to talk up a storm
  • you love bathtime and have recently started to go in the shower with daddy. You have learned to scrub your own hair and rinse the soap out (though our walls are getting very clean at the same time)

It's been a great month little man. I love you more and more each day!

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