Monday, May 24, 2010

The Next Michael Symon?

This weekend was pretty lame. I feel like we didn't accomplish anything. Friday night, we just stayed in and played with the babies. Saturday we went to Marc's. Why is it that when you look like crap, you run into people you know? I seriously rolled out of bed and to the store and ran into one of the ladies from the daycare and another lady who I used to work with who recently retired. So good to see her and catch up, and have her meet the little ones, but I kept thinking, why did I not put makeup on? Oh well. Saturday night I went out with Kelli and Melanie to Panini's. Had a nice time- nice to get out once in a while with the girls. I need to plan more of these! And- I didnt get sick. Yay! Sunday was a beautiful day. Sean was supposed to go fishing all day but I convinced him to stay home. My parents came over and we went to lunch at Beef O'Brady's and then by the time we came home, it was naptime for the babies. So- I caught up on the DVR. Sean than took Hunter golfing with a buddy that night. So- low key I guess.

Hunter spent most of the weekend with his grandfather on his dad's side. I think he enjoyed himself. I missed having him around though. The babies were a joy though. Quinlin is really trying to form so many different sounds lately. it's funny to listen to them "talk" to each other. Owen was a sweet boy all weekend. No tantrums (until he stepped in dog poop and then was quaranteened to the house while sean cleaned up the yard and Owen's shoes). He even cooked a meal for us! Maybe if the basketball thing doesnt work out, he could open a restaurant? I want to buy him a play kitchen but may need to work the angle of it being for Quinlin...

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