Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a very good weekend. Much of it spent pondering and debating the "potential" move. No decisions made, which is fine. I dont want to feel rushed in anyway.

On Friday we hung out with my parents and watched the NFL Draft. Saturday, we woke up to cold and rain, so we decided to go to Aurora Farms. Not the smartest of decisions, and we forgot a hat for Quinlin, but it was nice to do something with the two babies. Which also meant we got to break out the new double stroller- my new obsession. I researched high and low to find the perfect stroller to meet our families needs and I also found a deal I couldnt pass up. Now- to just take a picture of the kids in their new batmobile! We did some shopping (had to buy a hat for Q) and then had a nice lunch at a little diner there. Owen, though, had other ideas of what a nice, peaceful lunch actually meant. So- we rushed through eating to get home so he could take a nap. Our Saturday was topped off with a "hot date" to Marc's and Giant Eagle. I can feel the excitement of it just typing out the words. Ha!
On Sunday, we took a quick trip to Home Depot to finalize blinds for the basement and came home and took the babies on a walk around the neighborhood- again breaking out my new obsession. I cannot wait for the weather to break to use it more. Good times!
I had a baby shower to go to that afternoon for my friend Christine. Cant wait to find out what they're having. My guess is on a boy! We'll see if I am right! After the shower, I came home and made dinner for the family. My parents came back over with Hunter so I wanted something nice so we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and steam veggies. Owen devoured it. It's a nice feeling to finally start putting things on his tray and see him actually eat them! This picky stage is not fun! So, all in all, a good weekend. We'll see where the week goes from here!

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