Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was good- yet they always seem to go so fast!

Friday started with going to Eddie's Creekside with my parents. They were over watching Quinlin for the day so we took them to dinner as a thank you. Dinner was good until I started to not feel well. Once at home for a little while, I started feeling much better. One of the things that helped me feel better was the arrival of the above picture in my inbox.
My friend Colleen has a photography business and came over at the end of March to take some newborn photos of Quinlin and some pictures of the family. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!
Saturday was fun- I went to Rocknes for lunch with Tiffany and Mason, Krista, Melissa, her sister Erin and Erin's son Dawson and of course Quinlin and Owen. Hunter wanted to come but I thought he'd be bored. I think I'll bring him next time. After lunch, we went shopping at Aurora Farms. I only made it to a few stores before I knew Owen would have a complete meltdown. So home I went. Christine and Jay came over to see the family and have pizza. They are expecting and due at the end of July. My guess is that baby Jatzek is a boy so we'll see if I'm right.
Sunday ended up being a day of running around in Mentor. went shopping while we waited for Hunter to finish with his hebrew lesson. back home for a day of laundry. I still have about 4 loads left to do, in addition to putting everything away. Our weekend just never seems long enough- never enough time to catch up with everything.

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