Friday, April 16, 2010

Week ending 4/16

So- this week has gone by fast. Thank goodness. Remember when we were younger and it would take forever for your birthday or the holidays to come? Now it seems like life never slows down!

This has been a crazy week. On Tuesday, the 13th, Hunter participated in his first track meet. I had to work so Sean was able to be there to support him. The meet consisted of three different schools, so was rather large. Hunter participated in the 4x200 relay. I am so proud of him for joining the team. He may not be the best, but he's enthusiastic and tries hard and that's all I can ask for. His team is the B team so I dont think the scores count, but he did well. He was runner #3 and did so well they told him they were going to move him to either runner #1 or #2. I wish I could have seen him. Sean brought him home at about 7:30.

Wednesday was a casual day. After work, I picked up the babies and drove by Sean and Hunter on the golf course. We stopped the car so Owen could see them and he cried and cried as we drove away leaving them to golf. They came home and we ate marinated beef kabobs- seriously so good. I was mad when my kabob was done as I could have eaten more. I cant believe I'm writing about the kabobs, but they were incredible. Loser...I know.

Thursday was a day... Hunter had a track meet at Center Middle School in Strongsville, so I went there straight after work. He was competing in 3 different events- the mile, the 800meter and the 4x200. I missed the mile but he told me he beat an eighth grader so that made him happy. I got there just in time to watch the 4x200. They had him run leg #2...they were slow. I dont know if they just got a slow start, but it was pretty bad. The other teams had finished by the time Theo, the 3rd runner, handed off the baton to their anchor. Oh well. I then got to watch the 800 and Hunter came in last. Though- according to him, not last because he beat the same eighth grader who competed in a different leg. The meet ended just in time as was had to book it out of there to get the babies from daycare. The daycare closes at 6:30pm and we pulled in at 6:28pm. Lucky.
We got home and all was fine and dandy. Ate Burger King (I didnt feel like cooking) and Owen was playing after dinner when he decided to run around the house like a mad man. He was running and laughing, tripped on a kitchen chair and fell right into the corner of the kitchen island. I scooped him up right away, tears flowing and looked at his head which immediately began to swell. I tried putting something cold on it, but it swelled so quickly, I got scared. I never saw anything like it. I called Sean, who was fishing, and told him I was taking Owen to urgent care. He cried and cried the whole way there and of course, I pulled in and he had stopped. I walked in and he seemed fine. And, of course, the bruise started going down. I debated on checking him in, but a nice man in the waiting room said that it looked like a pretty nasty bump and that he should be looked at. i took his advice and we were brought back. The doctor looked at Owen and diagnosed him with a hematoma. so- probably the most expensive diagnosis to tell me its a bump, but better I took him in as its better to be safe than sorry. Sean met us up there just as we were being discharged. We brought Owen home and put him in the tub where he preceeded to bump his head again on the faucet. Again, it started swelling right away. Poor little guy- couldnt catch a break.
Today is Friday- I'm looking forward to the week coming to a close. I have plans tonight with the girls to go to dinner at Brio and shop at Crocker Park. Saturday should consist of house cleaning and then a birthday party for Michael Fischbach who is turning 1 and then more cleaning on Sunday. After this week, I am definitely ready for the weekend!

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