Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was good though went way too fast.

Friday- I had dinner plans with my girlfriends. Towards the end of the workday, I started feeling sick...popped some immodium hoping it would cure it, but it didnt. I debated even going out but figured I was already on this side of town. So- I left work and drove to Megan's and then followed Megan up to Crocker Park. We had 6pm dinner reservations at Brio. It was Me, Megan, Jamelie, Kelli, Jill, Sawsan and Megan's friend Tricia. Well the night did not get any better so I ordered my food, took, 3 bites and went home. The sad thing is that as soon as I pulled into my garage, I felt better. I had a little bit more of my dinner when I got home and then hung out with my family. Jen was over visiting so we watched the Life series for a little bit and went to bed around 10:00pm. It sucks that I have been getting sick more often and again. Deciding if I need to head back to the gastro for a new diagnosis (is it not IBS?)

Saturday we woke up and began cleaning the house like crazy. Sean's goal was to get the entire house clean this weekend. We started downstairs and got everything cleaned- the kitchen, living room, dining room and half bath. I also did laundry like crazy! we then moved upstairs and I got Quinlin's room clean, Hunter cleaned his and we started ours. For some reason, ours is always the last room to do- the one most neglected. We then took a break (finished for the night) and went to Michael F's first birthday party. Had a great time. we saw Jimmy and Tanya, Kish, Kuehn and his boys and of course Ed and Susan. We left at about 6:30, came home where we met our sitter Danielle to drop the kids off and then went to Cleats in Parma. Tanya's aunt owns it so it was a great time. stayed there for the night just hanging out with Jimmy and Tanya, Kuehn and Shittyman who I hadnt met before. Got home about midnight.

Sunday we woke up and started cleaning some more. This time did more laundry, cleaned Owen's room and then continued on with our room. My parents were supposed to bring Hunter home home about 12:30 but didnt come over until 2:00pm. I was frustrated as I was trying to keep Owen up for them, needed to shower, etc. It ended up working out though because Owen didnt nap very long and they were able to play with him and Quinlin so I could get ready. We then went to Jennifer's house because Sean's parents were in town. stayed for dinner and visited. We got home about 7:00, bathed the kiddies and then settled down for the night watching Couples Retreat. We both enjoyed it, though hard to stay awake after a long weekend!

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