Friday, April 23, 2010

To Move or Not to Move

I was presented with the offer to move to East Hampton. Oh the decisions to be made! On one hand, opportunity of a lifetime. On the other hand, it means uprooting my entire family. Moving a family of 5 cannot be easy.

I called Sean who was so supportive about it. he knows what an opportunity it could be. we're going to talk things over this weekend to discuss the pros and cons. It was also offered that we go out there to check things out as well. so- i think it would be good to make an honest effort and think about it.

The only thing I'm mostly hesitant about is leaving our families. Having three small children would be hard living in a foreign town with no help in case of emergencies. In addition to being away from family is the money aspect. Just browsing online in East Hampton and neighboring cities shows that we couldnt afford it. I was told that shouldnt be something I should worry about- all things that could be part of a compensation package, etc.

So- my mind is racing, questions are forming, nerves are happening, etc. Yikes!

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