Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make that a Double

So we took Quinlin to the doctor last night where she was diagnosed with croup and an ear infection- a double ear infection actually. I'm glad we took her in- she's such a happy baby and the barking cough in addition to the ear tugging had us concerned. Her last ear infection resulted in a rash we think to being allergic to amoxicilin. So- our pediatrician put her on a z-pack. we'll see how it goes and if it clears the infection up. We were up all night- she was either coughing or squirming. I finally went in at 3am and gave her a sippy with water which she very much enjoyed. She started cooing and singing- I was so scared she was going to wake her brothers. As much as I wanted to go back to bed, I wanted to enjoy the time with my daughter- just her and I. I think I layed down about 3:45am, but of course, couldnt sleep.

Now on to Owen- we brought him back to the doctor with Quinlin because he still had his runny nose and cough. he was put on the antibiotics from his ENT but didnt get a full dose because Sean left if out and I threw it away assuming it was ruined since it says to refrigerate. So- his runny nose and cough came back since he didnt get the full dose prescribed to him. So- back on antibiotics he went for what she described as chronic rhinitis.

I lined up my parents to spend the day with Quinlin and went about my morning this morning dropping Owen off at daycare. I brought the antibiotic forms and the note from the doctor and they told me Owen couldnt stay. He needed to be on antibiotics 24 hours before bringing him back. I was pissed. I understand rules and guidelines... but I was pissed. One- I have brought him before in this exact same situation. Two- because I could have easily not told them that he was even on antibiotics. Three- he had been at the daycare- with no problems with his little runny nose...Four- his nasal drip was clear- not green- causing infection... Five- he already got two doses of the medication. Just a frustrating morning. I left there in tears, threw him in the car, drove home, dropped him with my parents and finally got to work- 45 minutes late. I am grateful my parents were over anyway, pissed how the daycare handled the situation, pissed that I didnt think he would be turned away, pissed I woke him up when he didnt have to get out of bed, pissed I had to go to work, pissed I was going to be late.

I think I'll have a drink....make that a double.

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  1. Oh Shannon, I am so sorry you had such a rough morning. I give you so much credit, it's so hard with one baby being sick, I can't imagine how it is with two. I am so sorry your babies are sick.
    I hope tomorrow is a better night for you and tomorrow a better day. I will be back at work if you need to vent!!! :)