Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

Random thoughts:
  • I have so much to do! I am working on a huge project at work and it is taking over my world. I go to bed and dream about it, think about it, plan next steps. I love it...but cannot find a way to wrap my arms around the whole project to finish it. The good thing is- I kind of volunteered for this project. Anything to make myself more useful/valuable can only be a good thing, right? I'm waiting for my boss to come in today to check on my progress and let me know if I'm at least heading in the right direction. I think I am- and am, in fact, quite proud of what it is shaping up to be. It's art related, and because I work in the sports industry, this project is completely out of my expertise, but I'm getting there. I'm going to be an art pro before you know it!
  • At home, I did not do any cleaning this weekend, aside from laundry. And- I'm ok with that. We spent the weekend at home, but my priorities were my children- all three of them. Hunter needed me because of his surgery, and the babies always need me, so my messy house can wait. I'm hoping to tackle something tonight. Once I get organized to a point, Sean said we can get a cleaning lady. Please let me get organized soon.
  • The dentist last night wasnt that bad. I actually like him- and this is the first dental office I have been to where I dont get talked down to. One cavity- so could be worse. It just means I'm stuck going back in November. Yikes!
  • I came home from the dentist and Owen was waiting for me- kept asking for me when I was gone. It totally melted my heart. I think his routine was thrown off a bit since I'm the one who always picks him up from daycare. So- it was nice to have some extra cuddle time with him.
  • I missed out on cuddle time with Quinlin as she took a nap when I got home. So- I got to feed her her bottle at 7:45 and put her to bed. She decided she didnt have enough time with me and preceeded to wake up at 1:20am. Back to bed she went about 1:45 but I was up the rest of the night.
  • Dropped Owen and Quinlin off this morning and Owen was especially clingy. I felt bad leaving. The guilt of being a working mom. Then more guilt as Sean told me about a co-worker (or someone) who has a 2 year old son who was just diagnosed with cancer. I cannot wait to pick my kids up today and hug them.
  • Hunter is getting more and more independent. Has a sports banquet at 4:15 today and he is hanging out with his buddies after school at a local restaurant and then heading to his banquet (which I'll miss- again the guilt of being a working mom). I get to pick up the babies from daycare, run them home, pick up Hunter and take him to his choir concert. I wish I could be in two places at once.
  • I cant get Adam Lambert's songs out of my head. Driving.Me.Crazy!
  • Is it wrong that I love Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant? I'm incredibly excited for the new seasons to begin.
  • My Fantasy Football team blows...
  • The babies had their photoshoot with my friend Colleen Colleen Reed Photography and I am having trouble picking out which photos to get on a disc. They are all so good! Do you not die over this face?
  • Or this one?
    Love them!

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