Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

My random thoughts for the day:
  • Quinlin is sick.... I was a bad daycare mom and sent her to school today. She has a barky cough and was pulling on her ear. I gave her motrin and am waiting for her pediatrician's office to call me back to get us in for an appointment. Guilt.
  • Annoyed with said pediatrician office. You call to schedule an appointment, yet the scheduler wont talk to you. You are then forced to verify your personal information just to get thrown into a voicemail anyway. I now sit waiting for a call back...it's been 20 minutes so far. Yet- they tell me when I first call that I may not be able to get in. But- they wont schedule you until 8am the day of anyway for sick visits. I could scream.
  • Hunter is the slowest movie creature on this planet. I watched him make his lunch this morning... I swear, he was putting lunch meat on his sandwich one in slow motion and two, piece by piece. I dont know how he makes the school bus every day.
  • My fantasy team still blows yet managed to muster a win this week. We're now 2-5... I sat Britt on the bench and cost me 40 points...
  • The Browns won though- fantastic game played by defense and special teams!
  • Pediatrician just called back... appointments for 7pm tonight. relief.
  • Super excited for 16 & Pregnant to start tonight. Yet- where will I have the time to watch it?
  • frustrating day at work and I have only been here for 40 minutes. Lets hope the day gets better.

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