Monday, October 18, 2010

What we have been up to

We had a great weekend- well most of us...Hunter had his surgery- he was such a champion. To deal with getting 5 teeth pulled (two bottom wisdom, two upper adult, 1 upper baby tooth) and having a chain attached to the unexposed adult tooth behind the baby tooth took some strength. It was rough friday morning but then he kind of sailed through the rest of the day. I have a picture of him, but if he knew I posted it on my blog, he'd kill me. So- no image to post. He was eating pizza like a champ Friday night (of course, 10 minutes later the surgeon called to see how he was doing and specifically said no pizza- oops!) We spent the rest of the weekend home and relaxing.

Quinlin was a talking machine:
It was really cute- this one you definitely need the volume to hear Owen chiming in in the background...

And then- there is this one...Owen's laugh cracks me up:

And- she was also a mover and a shaker this weekend!

ignore my annoying voice in these- I get so excited!

We have a busy week ahead so I can't even begin thinking about a menu. This week should hopefully fly by for us.
Monday- I have a dentist appointment- yikes! I hate going- I put it off like crazy.
Tuesday- Hunter has a choir concert at school
Wednesday- open
Thursday- girls dinner with my 6 closest girlfriends. I am not sure as to location yet but am so excited to see them.
Friday- open
Saturday- My best friends 11th Annual Slumbar Party. I probably wont sleep over but its a fun night to get together in our jammies
Sunday- girls movie night (Life as We Know It) followed by dinner. I think there's about 8 of us going.

So- we'll see how motivated I am to cooking...I am more looking forward to all my girl time! I feel so forunate to have such an amazing group of girlfriends.

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  1. How sweet! Your lil' is adorable and glad the surgery went well. So fun to watch babies crawl and scoot around. I remember those days with GG, now she's walking and practically running everywhere! Found you through Karen's blog, we both have daughters close in age and named Jillian (although mine is Jillian with a G). Anyway, if Karen's sending people your way, I just had to check it out and so glad I did. Looking forward to reading more!