Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adventures in Table Food

See above? That is the menu the daycare provides for lunches.... After Quinlin turned 9 months, I told them it was ok to start her on table foods. I thought we would go into it slowly, but my girl (mind you 75% weight) loves food! and to eat! So- I started her last week and its been a breeze. She's getting a balanced diet while attempting to eat real food. I still have her on rice cereal in the mornings in addition to a banana or fruit, but other than that, she's in it full force.

A friend asked me for good table food suggestions so I figured I'd put on here the things Owen ate at a year and also what Quinlin is venturing into:
Mini raviolis

Morning star farms broccoli cheese bites or spinach bites
Fish sticks
Peas, carrots, squash cubes (in a microwave bag)
Chicken nuggets
Turkey lunch meat
Kraft crumbles- or cheese cubes in small pieces
I started PB&J at 13 or 14 months for Owen (but watched carefully with the peanut)
French toast sticks
Apple sauce
Eggs are good (though Owen hates them- we keep trying)
Strained soup- see below about Quinny- the soups provide good veggies in them
tacos- chicken or beef...cut into small pieces and eaten on a spoon to start

with Quinlin- she has gotten so far- chicken vegetable noodle soups- strained so she’s eating most everything but the broth
baked potatoes/mashed potatoes
salisbury steak
all fruit

Today on the menu at school for Owen and Quinlin is breakfast day- waffles, sausage, hashbrown, applesauce and milk. She should really like tomorrow too- chicken noodle casserole, green beans, peaches and milk.

I must say, one of the reasons we switched daycares, aside from the cost, was that the one we found provides breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks a day and is $400 cheaper a month (than if we would have stayed at Owen's old daycare. The food is such a HUGE advantage!


  1. I just have to say that I love, love, love your daughters name!