Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • Quinlin is home sick from school. She got kicked out yesterday at about 2:45 with a temperature of 101.5. So, Sean is home with her today. He was supposed to be off today anyway for his last day on the ice, but instead has a hot date with his daughter. I have already been called with questions and it's only 8:15am.
  • I took Owen to school this morning and it reminded me how easy taking care of just one baby is. The drop was so quick and I loved our chatty time in the car. He was eating a breakfast snack and all of a sudden he starts saying "Open" in a high pitch followed by "closed" in a low voice. I realized he was imitating his toy, Potsy, that my sister bought Owen. It was hilarious- Potsy is quite effeminate... but a very cute toy.
  • I don't think Sean knows where the kids clothes go in what drawer... how come I am the one to always put them away?
  • Still working on my art project... I was supposed to go to NY and England because of it...not sure if that's still the plan. Waiting to hear.
  • I made valentine's dinner for us yesterday- BBQ beef and french fries- and it was awful. I think I overcooked it in the crock pot and we were do disappointed. Oh well- I'll scratch that recipe off my list.
  • Tonight is taco Tuesday- I cant screw that one up. A household favorite.


  1. LOL! Again, I can so relate to so much of this.
    Jeff has no clue where ANY of our clothes go, it's usually me putting it all of the way. We have had an inside joke now for awhile that the "Laundry Fairy" comes and clothes just magically appear in his drawer.

    Looking forward to shopping!


  2. Potsy causes a lot of frustration in our house.