Monday, May 23, 2011


I apologize for my absence. I didn't realize it had been so long since I did a post! Sean and I took our first vacation together (in almost four years) and had it planned for mid May thinking the weather would be nice and we could really get to hang out together doing fun things. Little did I know, the weather would suck. Like really suck. It was cold and rainy almost all week.

Half the reason we wanted to take time off together was to clean and organize and purge. And we purged. We brought a bunch of items to Goodwill, gave a basket of things to my niece and nephew, gave Quinlin's old clothes to our friend's little girl, put the "name brand clothes" in piles and started listing those on ebay, etc. You can see how exciting my week was. But- the good thing is, we cleaned and organized and then started with a cleaning lady. We'll have her come twice a month- and honestly, I think this money will be so well spent. To not have to worry about cleaning on a weekend and to enjoy time with my children is priceless.

We did go shopping a few times and I did buy a cute pair of sunglasses at Saks, but other than that we went out to lunches and enjoyed being together. Not a bad staycation...just gives us more reason to take time off together again in July or so. I'll be sure to check the weather forecast prior.

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