Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had an amazing weekend- probably one of the better weekends in a long time. It was a great, family filled weekend and memories that will last a long time.

Friday night, we got a sitter for the babies and Sean and I took Hunter to see Thor.
I had absolutely no urge to see it, but I have some girls movie nights coming soon and was guilted into it. And- I'm so glad I did. Chris Hemsworth is pretty easy on the eyes, and it turned into a love story as well, so definitely wasn't just an unrealistic comic book type movie. The movie theater was filled with dudes- I think I was one of three women in there- haha. If you do go to see it, make sure you stay all the way to the very end, as like all other marvel movies, a little trailer for the future movies after the credits finish.

Saturday morning we woke up and supported the UMDF by attending the wildlife walk for the cure at our local zoo. It was such a beautiful day and I was looking forward to the babies seeing the animals, but walking for an organization and seeing families affected by the disease was truly eye opening. Makes me feel thankful and blessed for my healthy children.

It was a good day to attend the zoo as they had the grand opening for the new elephant exhibit.

We came home from the zoo and worked on our mothers day cards for the grandma's...

Owen's first stick figure

Then went to my Sister in Law's house for bbq for Sean's side of the family for mothers day.

We tried to get a cousins shot...but Quinlin was having a diva freak out.

Mother's Day was Sunday. I had to post what the babies made at school for me:

Owen decided to dress himself for mother's day...

That look, unfortunately, will have to wait. Since we were going out in public... I thought better to put him in something a little more weather appropriate.

We went to my parents house for a family bbq. It had probably been a year or so since I had seen everyone (cousins, aunt and uncle), so nice to get together.

We tried to do a cousins picture for this side of the family too...but it didn't quite work.

And Owen does wear clothes- he just hates them.

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  1. Awe, sweet sweet pictures!!!

    Looks like you had a FAB weekend!