Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We had such a nice weekend (well, for the most part). Thursday night Quinlin came home from school with a temperature of 102. So- my nice day off that was planned for Friday turned into a cuddle day with my little chiquita. I don't mind though... I love that she's a cuddler. So, she and I hung out on Friday and then I left her with daddy and took Owen with me to a baby shower. So nice to see my friends, always hard with a kid in tow, who decided it was time to leave shortly after dessert because he wanted to rush home to watch the Simpsons.

Saturday my parents came over in the afternoon, and we took a trip to Sam's Club. That night, we got a sitter and did group night out.

We saw The Hangover Part II and went to the Winking Lizard for dinner. The movie was good, the same as the original so some very funny moments, just not as shocking. At dinner, I all of a sudden felt sick as a dog so we rushed home and I was sick for the night. :(

Sunday we took out the water table (Quinlin loved it and even attempted to climb in) and then went to the Rib Burn Off in Berea. It was so expensive- probably my first, and last rib fest. We met Sean's co-worker up there with his girlfriend and daughter (who was Owen's age) and then they came back to our house afterwards so the kids could play. Hunter then had his two buddies sleep over.

Monday we went to my in-laws for the day. The kids had a blast- fishing, canoeing, water fights, 4 wheeling... All was fine, though we knew Owen was a little off... He got hit with a horrible fever and then on the ride home started vomiting. We were in two different cars- I drove Hunter and his two friends and Quinlin, and Sean drove Owen and all the fishing gear so when he pulled over on the side of the freeway, I knew it was because Owen was puking.

We got him home and he threw up from 7pm-10:45pm and then again at 3:45am. Needless to say, we are just exhausted. Sean took the day off with him and I think he's doing better.

Never fails, even in nice weather my kids get sick. Hopefully he can kick it and we can all get healthy and back to some normalcy.

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  1. Oh no Shannon, so sorry to hear about all of the sickness. You have to be exhausted, especially after being sick too!!!! I hope you all get better soon to enjoy this nice weather!!!