Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

  • I went to the dentist yesterday and finally, after an almost year long process, have a new tooth from my failed root canal last spring. It's so nice to no longer have a gap (not that you could see it) but to feel complete again. And, as much as I dread the dentist, that was an easy appointment. Everything with the oral surgeon was much worse!
  • we had horrible weather last night. Storms and tornado warnings rolled in. The news released several images of funnel clouds in the city right next to mine. It was a little alarming- especially when you have the mentality of "nothing ever happens in my city". We huddled in the basement, well past Quinlin's bedtime until the storms could pass.

  • Hunter goes for his 14 year well visit. Is it cheasy to post his stats? haha. I find my poor oldest gets the least blog attention because he doesn't grow and change as fast as the babies, but it will be fun to see how big he is. I'm guessing about 5'2. He's growing like a weed, looking older, sounding older. My neighbor said to him "Hunter- your voice is so low" and he responded "why thank you" in an even lower voice.
  • Quinlin has been looking just darling lately in her new summer outfits. I absolutely love dressing her. My little princess baby doll. She wont pose or smile for pictures, but it's better than nothing.

  •  I would post pics of Owen in his new clothes, but all he wants to wear are no pants, or if he wears pants, he's in a phase where they need to be athletic shorts. He will stubbornly wear his nice cargo shorts, but instantly wants to change into his "basketball" shorts. So funny.
  • Is it pathetic that I'm excited for Boston Market tonight? A night off of cooking- woo hoo! Not that I should complain. My poor kids had mac n cheese last night for dinner since we were running behind because of my dental appointment. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually cook them a nice meal (that they will proceed to turn their noses up or throw on the floor).
  • Saw two movies last week. Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids. Both were good, but people had overhyped Bridesmaids to me so I was expecting more. Dont get me wrong, I did enjoy...
  • This weekend we are seeing Hangover Part II. Here's hoping the lawsuit from the tattoo artist does not delay the release!

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  1. LOVE the summer outfits - now if we could just see the sun, we would be in business :)