Monday, February 4, 2013

Hunter's birthday

I fell a bit behind and have so much to post about, but don't want to post about anything else until I dedicate a post to Hunter for his birthday.

Sweet 16!!! Can you believe it? His birthday was toward the end of January and we celebrated, very mellow this year. Sucks to be grounded on your birthday. But- and I agree with Sean- it's just another day and maybe it will help in learning the lessons of life.

His birthday was on a Sunday and his grandfather on his dad's side picked him up on Saturday for a small little family party with that side of the family. Before he left, my parents came over and we celebrated as well.
We had a little cake and sang to him and then he was on his way. He returned the next day and I had to take Owen and Quinlin to a birthday party and he didn't want to go. So- I, sadly, feel like we didn't really do anything special for his big birthday. I did get him his favorite dinner and we did eat our cake. But- that was it.

He is slowly getting off the grounding. I gave him his cell phone back; it was too difficult being able to get a hold of him (we eliminated a home phone a few weeks ago) and with Sean traveling for tournaments, I needed to be able to be in touch.

In the meantime, for the officialness on the blog, happy 16th birthday to my amazing, kind, caring, sweet, funny, smart son Hunter. I am blessed beyond belief and we wouldn't be on our path of life without him. 16! We love you!

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  1. My oldest son turned 16 January 5th and we did celebrate but nothing like my daughter's sweet 16 party. I just don't see boys doing it up so big (is that bad?)

    In SC they allow the kids to get their driver's license at 15 so there isn't that milestone to look forward to because, although I have yet to let him drive by himself, he already has the license!

    Happy belated Birthday to your handsome young man!