Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Ice fishing season has officially concluded for us this year. Sean was very busy in January/February (hence my absence and unmotivation for blogging, maybe?)

This is his absolute favorite time of year. Though sitting in a shanty on ice with a hole doesn't sound all that fun to me, it is absolutely the best time for him. He participated in 3 tournaments this year (all out of state) and I am proud to announce that I am married to a winner!

The first tournament, he and his partner, Andy, came in 4th place (and also won biggest fish). The second tournament, he took first!!! and the final tournament, he came in 9th (with his old partner Dan as Andy couldn't make it due to a work commitment).

I am so proud of him on how well he did. But, don't get me wrong, it was hard on the family having him gone. For two of the tournaments, he left at 4am on Wednesday and didn't get home until about 9:30pm on Sunday. Made for two little ones missing their daddy, one wife missing her better half, and one 16 year old needing to help more around the house. By the time he came home (and came home safely) we were all ready.

In addition to winning some prize money, he won the cost for his entries into next years tournaments and also qualified for the National Championships in December. I believe they take place in Minnesota. Not sure if he'll be able to go or not, we'll see.

Anyway- some highlights from the events:

I love this image. They knew they had it won!


  1. So exciting!! As a wife of a fisherman (regular AND ice fishing ;-)) I can totally relate. Great job!

    1. Kelly- I always laugh at your posts when you mention the fishing as well. when he mentioned the championships in Minnesota, I told him about you. LOL. A little stalker-ish?