Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tell All Tuesday (a day late)

Since I was so focused on Owen's successful potty training, I missed tell all Tuesday. So-today it will be tell all tuesday Wednesday!
  • I am so proud of Owen. Last night he went to bed about 9:45 (after stalling). At 10:15, I heard him in bed talking about pee and poop. So- I ran down there expecting to see he had an accident, and he had to go. So- we rushed to the bathroom and he pooped and went right to bed. Yay Owen!
  • Woke up dry this morning! Such a champion
  • No accidents at all (so far). We are on day 5 of being out of diapers and in underpants only. Woo hoo!
  • Sick of all the potty training talk? sorry
  • Casey Anthony- OMG... disgusted. Nothing says innocent to me than competing in hot body contests and being out partying when you're daughter is "missing". Stupid young mom. I was 20 when I had Hunter- and would never have been doing any of the things she did if something had happened to him.
  • Edwards Pies- amazing. We just discovered them a few months ago (in the freezer section) and cannot get enough of them.. which I think is why I have gained a few pounds.
  • I can also admit that a few pounds may have come from the fact that I wait for my children to go to bed before I eat "the good stuff" just so I don't have to share. Is that wrong?
  • Because of those pesky 3 pounds, I attempted to start the couch to 5K workout... I ran with my sister in law, Jen, twice... She runs marathons... I can't even run 1/4 mile...
  • Hunter's going to work with a golf pro tonight- he's excited! we think his clubs are too big so we'll see if they can fit him properly.
to make up for my lack of pictures last week, and my picture overload this week... check out the cuteness:

If you listen carefully, you can hear Quinlin's attempt at singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I love her voice!


  1. Enjoyed your info! Good luck with potty training :) Seems he has the hang of it!

  2. Um, I totally wait until the kids go to bed until I eat the good stuff. I don't want them to remember we have it :)