Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Quinlin- 18 Months Old

My baby girl is a year and a half. 18 months... no longer a  baby but a full toddler. It's exciting and sad at the same time. Sad that she's growing up. Sad that I will never have a tiny baby again. But- exciting to watch her grow and learn and be the sweet little girl that she is.

She has a doctor's appointment next week where I will know her height and weight. Guessing now, I would think she's 29 or 30 pounds... She's seeming to hold steady a bit weight wise. All her running around may be slimming her down.
  • She's in 18, 24 and 2T clothing. All depends on what it is and the brand. I, unfortunately have learned that I can no longer buy ahead for her. I bought her 18 month clothes last year for this summer and my neice Grace inherited them as Quinlin couldn't wear some of them. Her clothes have ranged. I'm hoping that maybe next year, she can still wear some of the 2T items. We'll see.
  • Size 4 diapers still
  • Size 5 shoes.
  • This summer has gotten her hair so blonde- and long and curly! And- she tans! Quinlin and Owen have both inherited Sean's skin for sure.
  • We are a big girl and no longer use a high chair. we are in full booster seat mode at the table. We also have dropped our binky except for sleeping. Somehow at school, she can nap without one yet at home needs it.
  • Favorite things- books, Eeyore, white plush blanket, Owen, Elmo, doggies, playing in the pool, Karen (her daycare teacher)
  • Words (I should write these down as I know I'm going to miss some)- mama, daddy, Owen, Hunter, hi, bye, ball, bow, all done, all gone, "Where'd Daddy Go?", binky, juice box, cup, milk, doggie, "Hi School", Elmo, binky, pizza, cheese, cracker, cookie. Her vocabulary is really starting to come together.
  • The newest is singing twinkle twinkle little star... you can't necessarly make out all the words, but she has the tune down and lights up if you start singing with her.
  • She is the happiest, sweetest baby. I wish she'd smile more for pictures, but she is on the go. She'll say cheese and smile for a second, but that's it. Maybe I need to invest in some decent camera equipment. (thank goodness for our session at the end of the month with The Colleen Reed to give us some good updated pictures!)
18 months has been a big step for Quinlin. At 17 months, she started the transition to toddler 1 and starting yesterday, spent her first day away from the infant room. She loved it- loved sitting like a big girl at the table to eat, loved playing on the playground, learned how to nap on her cot and not a crib.

Happy half birthday baby Girl! We love you so much!

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  1. Such cute pictures!!! She's adorable! I love the picture of her curled up with her blankies on the floor. So sweet.

    Also...where did you get the cloth that wraps over the top rail of her crib? I have been trying to find one that works with a flat top crib rail for my daughters crib (she's a chewer).