Thursday, July 21, 2011


So- Tuesday was a stressful turned not stressful day. The plan for the day was to go to work, leave at 2:30, pick up my kids from daycare, go to my friend Kelley's parents house where we would see our friend Michelle and her husband Chad who was in town visiting from Seattle (he's on Army leave), then run to Quinlin's 5:30 18 month well visit, then meet Sean's siblings over at a house that my friend Megan and I liked for Sean's parents at 7pm.

The day didn't turn out as planned. That morning, I got a text from Kelley saying her basement flooded at their house and she had to go there and clean up so to get the new plan from our friend Amanda in regards to Michelle's visit. Amanda was working during the day so wasn't going to see Michelle until 4:30. So- I knew it didn't make sense to drive down there and chalked it up to not seeing them this time through. So- I worked my normal time until 3:30 and grabbed my kids at 4 and we came home for about an hour or so. Just as we were about to leave the house, I checked the answering machine and we received a message that Quinlin's appointment was cancelled due to her doctor being sick. grrrr... thank god I checked the messages- I don't always do that. So- instead of heading to the appointment and getting our dinner at Boston Market (we love eating there and there isn't one close to our house so our tradition has been to grab dinner after each doctor's visit), we popped a digiorno pizza in the oven and hung around at home.

We were overly eager to see the house again and pulled into the house appointment with 20 minutes to spare. Thank goodness I saw the current home owners leave. The house is absolutely adorable. It's on a somewhat main street, but tucked back in the woods on a drive way that is probably about 1/4 mile long. You cannot hear the traffic at all and the 2.4 acres is a nice retreat for Sean's parents. We walked through the house with the realtor, Sean's brother's family and Sean's sister. Everyone really liked it, but it does slope down a bit and Sean's brother was really concerned about water/ flooding issues. He has every right to be leery of it- especially after dealing with water issues in his own house- and I don't know the first thing about that kind of stuff. So- we were there about an hour and a half and we left slightly discouraged. We are going back on Friday with Sean's parents to see it one more time. If she likes it and thinks it's the one, we'll look into the inspections, etc to see if it is anything to worry about. It sounds like the homeowners are willing to do whatever it takes to get it sold, so hopefully any worries can be addressed and fixed.

and lastly... today is our anniversary. 4 years!!!! so- guess what I get to do tonight? Prance around in my wedding dress!!! will post pictures and an update tomorrow!


  1. very cute tradition. loved looking back at the pics. happy anniversary!!

  2. Um, where are the annual wedding dress pictures?? Happy belated anniversary!