Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone. On Friday, we went with my parents to dinner. It was our first attempt and bringing the babies out to dinner in a long time. Nervous from the start, we picked up the kids from daycare and made our way to the restaurant. The whole time, Owen kept saying he was sick and holding his head. I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. We got to the restaurant, Pizzaria Cerrino, and my parents already had a table with Hunter so it worked out perfectly. They were angels- minus the few times that Owen had to go outside to attempt to puke (gross tmi). I think he played too hard during the day, didn't have enough water and just had a headache. At least I know we can attempt to bring them in public again! LOL.  Because Owen didn't feel well, my parents didn't stay like they had originally planned to so they could watch Quinlin while we took Owen to the local Home Days. So- no festival this year. We did enjoy the fireworks though, just from the comfort of Hunter's bedroom window.

On Saturday, we went to a local park and let the kids play.

We dropped Hunter and his buddy off at the golf course to golf a quick 9 (which in 14 year old speak would be about 3.5 hours). The kids napped and in the late afternoon I went with my friend Megan to see Horrible Bosses.

I didn't have many expectations for the movie- but it was hilarious! We laughed our asses off- and kept telling each other that it was a movie our husbands would have enjoyed it too. It was cleverly written, raunchy, and maybe a tad predictable, yet not quite. And would you have guessed that this was Colin Farrell?
I highly recommend. I thought it was better than Bridesmaids... (though Bridesmaids I thought was slightly over-hyped anyway).

Saturday night, after the kids were in bed, Hunter babysat and we went to a little townie bar that everyone in our neighborhood raves about. We had a great time. Sean got wings- the best he's ever had apparently, and I got a prime rib dinner. It was nice to get out a little bit on our own.

Sunday- the big day. Owen's first Indians game. We got a sitter for Quinlin and took Owen to the game. He's really into baseball lately and we wanted to treat him for doing so well with potty training (though had our first accidents on Friday at school (nap time) and Friday night. But- other than that, he's doing awesome!

Owen all ready to go before the big game

Our seats were incredible. I got them through work and had no idea where we would be sitting. We ended up behind home plate about 8 rows back. It was in the 90's though- so incredibly hot. We ended up moving back a few rows to get in the shade.


And then there is today.... Quinlin is 18 months old ((tear)). I will have a write up tomorrow when I have some time about her turning 18 months and then her stats next week after her well-visit. So- teaser pics of baby girl at 18 months:

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