Thursday, July 14, 2011


I often go through life and have these moments where I want to stop time and remember things exactly how they are. It doesn't seem to happen. My memory is horrible- like really bad. I have a hard time remembering things that have happened over the years. It's somewhat frustrating- but I guess I remember the important stuff, and that's what really matters. I was driving to work this morning and wanted to make sure I remembered little things that Owen has been saying or doing lately. he's so fun- and funny- I didn't want to forget.
  • He clogged up the toilet with toilet paper the other night. The water kept rising in the toilet and Sean wasn't home and I didn't know where the plunger was. I told Owen to go to bed and that daddy needed to fix it. He asked why- I said it was broken. His response- "It not broken. Just needs batteries".
  • While running into daycare this morning with his football "Home Run". No Owen- touchdown!
  • Of course from our walk last month when I was carrying him and begged to put him down because he was heavy "No me heavy, me little."
  • At the farm golfing and Owen golfing for the first time with a club that Sean sawed down for him. I take my club and swing and miss. Owen comes up behind me "no mommy, like this..." Thanks Owen, for showing me how to do it.
  • Driving to daycare every morning and passing the same house that has a fake dear in the yard. "Mommy- dear!" as if he is shocked to see it again.
  • Driving to the farm and passing horses and cows on the way down. "Me want to pet the cow!"
  • Driving home from daycare through the development and singing "Doggie, where are you?"
  • Potty training and the first few times of learning to poop on the potty and Owen and I singing the meatball song ("on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese). Love now that I think of meatballs and think of poop- thanks Owen.
  • The constant tattle tailing "Hunter said I'm a baby. No me baby, I'm a boy."
  • "Penis, penis, penis" I love that we are open about body parts. LOL
  • "Boobie, boobie, boobie" see bullet above.
  • "basketball broken, must see Dr. Deeena" (he has shortened her name). "barkey cough- must see Dr. Deeena". even driving down the freeway and seeing her building or any building that looks remotely similar "Dr. Deeena!!!"
  • Not liking what we're having for dinner. "Me want peanut butter and jelly". Reminds me of my childhood.
I know there are more... will add to it when I do my Owen turns 3 post.

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