Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Things have been so busy for me work wise that my blogging has been taking a back seat. I have been out of the office a ton running errands, getting projects done, overseeing construction. I have been loving it and my day has been flying, I have just been slacking in keeping track of things going on personally.

We had a great weekend. Friday night we looked for homes for my mother in law. I brought her to the home I loved, but it was too small so off the list it went. We then saw another home in the area, but it didn't have a basement, so off the list it went. I have been so busy work wise, that I haven't even been looking to see what else is out there. After that, we had a sitter and went to dinner and then to the driving range. Saturday was our annual Mikeapalooza party. 3rd year in a row we have celebrated our buddy Mike's divorce. the day started with 18 holes of golf (scramble). I was one of 2 girls golfing- and did horribly but had fun. After golf, we went to my friend Kelli's house to shower and then off to Mike's house for a party. We had a blast- but I was absolutely beat. To be gone from 9am until 1am made for a long day. And I missed the kids. Sunday we were a complete waste. I think I slept half the day away. My parents came over to see the kids (took Hunter to see Harry Potter) and other than that, it was totally uneventful.

Today is finally Quinlin's 18 month well visit. I cannot wait to get her stats!

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