Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had such a good weekend. Friday afternoon I went with my friend Megan, who's a realtor, and scoped out homes for my in-laws. They live just under 2 hours away from us and are looking to move closer. I went last week with my MIL and looked at homes and we saw some other properties on Friday. I absolutely loved one. It had the feel she is going for, the land, the privacy. The home was redone as well, so she would just need to move in and maybe paint. Friday night, we stayed in. Hunter got picked up to go to the U.P (Michigan) for the week so it ended up being a low-key night.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the African Safari Wildlife Park. I will do more of an in-depth post about it tomorrow. It was so fun.

Sneak Peak photo:

yeah- that's a my window...

We got home late Saturday afternoon and just relaxed for the night. we were playing with the neighbors and my friend Kerri mentioned going to the mall to shop. So- I joined her. I got some really cute tops from Old Navy and Ann Taylor- and used gift cards- so spent no money out of pocket. Pays to have saved my Christmas gifts until now! I bought:

and 3 really cute tops from Ann Taylor (though I cant post the pics).

Sunday was low key- Sam's Club, grocery shopping and laundry. It was a great weekend!

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