Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And we are Potty Trained!!!!!!!!!

We did it! I was dreading potty training and the whole experience, but we did it! and Owen is a champion!!! I'm so proud of him! I picked him up from school on Friday and had him wear underpants from about 6pm- 9pm. He ran around in them, loved to feel like a big boy, loved to pee outside, etc. Potty training then began Saturday morning. At 8am, with his morning diaper change, he knew that was the last time he would wear diapers. We talked about diapers being for babies (diapers are for Quinny) was how he liked to look at it and we started our day!

I had read the 3day PT Method and was fully prepared for how tough it would be but spent the day watching the clock and watching Owen for signs of him having to go. We played around the house, went swimming and he did great. He would stop what he was doing to go pee. He was really starting to understand. I risked nap time and didn't want to put him in pull ups as the method says only underpants and crossed our fingers. And he woke up- dry! I was so excited! I cheered and screamed and he was so proud of himself. I ran out that night to Target to get a waterproof mattress protector for the night as I knew I wasn't going to cave in and have him wear pull ups. (Little did I know I wasn't going to need it)

Sunday morning, we woke up DRY! and he waited about 15 minutes until he peed which showed me he has great bladder control. We packed up our car and headed to Sean's parents for the day and I was slightly nervous about the car ride (1 hour, 45 minutes) but again he did great! we played around at the farm and came home that night.

same thing for Monday. I am confident enough to say he knows his body, knows when he has the urge to go, etc. He gets a little freaked out to poop (but after watching him for signs), he does it and all is fine! I think the keys to success are- do it when they are ready and can understand. I think it also helped that in the last 6 months or so, we would let him wear underpants here or there for a few hours at night before bed just to get the feeling of independence. So- I followed the 3 day but not to a T. We didn't have to be confined to the house...we just had to watch for signs.

Ok- so that was pretty much our weekend. you wouldn't even know it was a holiday. we just really wanted to lay low, enjoy some time to ourselves and get Owen in underpants. And- because my sister has requested pictures...without further adieu...

playing with the water table

looking cute

bathing suit #2

 at least I painted my toes

Quinlin was intrigued by the game of corn hole. 

riding with Adam in the jeep

driving the tractor with Aunt Jen

Hunter (annoyed that I took his picture)

Going for a ride with grandma

does he not just look so cute in his underpants?

My baby girl

Playing with daddy


Feeding the ducks

We all scream for ice cream
 Quinlin's first ice cream cone

water table

watching Nemo

I am anxiously awaiting until about 11:30 am to call the daycare and see how he does. I gave them strict instructions of underpants only- and will be pissed if I pick him up and he's in diapers... 

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