Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No other choice but to Withdraw

Those were the words yesterday I read on the note sent home from school. At the very end of the letter "Finally, if your child is not completely potty trained by October 3, we will have no other choice than to withdraw your child. Emerging 3's ratios will not allow for your child to remain behind in that room for an extended period of time, nor is it age appropriate. We would happily take your child back once he/she is potty trained; pending availability."

I read the letter and was dejected... kick him out for not being potty trained? He's not even 3 yet. Remember when I posted about it here? I was so excited about him pooping on the potty and that was almost a year ago (yikes!) although he has gone here and there- and a lot more recently as well. I think what bothers me the most is that he's most likely not even starting kindergarten until he is 6 (since he has a late summer birthday) and so technically their whole "age appropriate" theory is screwed up anyway since he isn't with the kids who he would be going to school with anyway. He's the youngest in his classroom as it stands now. I'd like to tell them to KMA, but I need to work and therefore, need a daycare.

So- I guess my upcoming 4 day weekend will be me, Owen and a toilet.


  1. oh - this makes me so sad. what pressure to add to you and owen. i too, would be at a loss for words. i am sorry you have this hanging over your head for the long week. I will be praying things go smoothly!

  2. Oh Shannon, I am sorry!!! Like you want to worry about this on your July 4th weekend!!! I hope he surprises you and transitions to potty training beautifully. I can't believe that they even sent you that letter, I think KMA would be lurking on my tongue as well. Geez!!

    I hope you have a great July 4th weekend!!!