Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tell All Tuesday

My random rumblings of the day:
  • We had a really nice weekend. We celebrated my MIL's birthday Friday night with a cookout at my BIL's. It's always so nice to get the kids together and watch them play. We missed my SIL who was in DC (Hi Jen) but look forward to seeing her this coming weekend.
  • Saturday night we went to a really nice dinner at Ken Stewart's Lodge. We had a great time celebrating the birthday of my girlfriends husband and celebrating a night out before their baby boy is born. I cannot wait to hear what they choose for a name. Now I understand why everyone hated not knowing what Quinlin's name was going to be. We went back to their house and I tried to help organize the baby items. So hard to believe my babies were ever so small.
  • Sunday we hung around the house all day. I didn't even dress the kids and my parents came over for dinner after bringing Hunter home to us (who was at Cedar Point on Saturday and loved it)
  • Hunter started his summer job yesterday and I think it went well. He is babysitting for the kids who live across the street. The mom works from home, so it gives her a chance to get things done, and gives Hunter a little extra spending money. He's to work every day (or as many days as he can) for about 3-4 hours a day.
  • He leaves tonight to see his dad for a few days. I told him he had a job now, so needs to make sure he is home for work on Thursday. So independent.
  • Sean organized the storage room in the basement on Sunday. I went through a box of old cards and saved a few notes from relatives near and dear to my heart who I don't get to see due to distance. I'm almost jealous of my sister who travels to see everyone. Maybe someday.
  • I've been more into the Bachelorette than I thought I would be this time around. I don't really care for Ashley, and didn't think she had the greatest crop of guys, but am liking what I have been seeing so far.
  • I'm incredibly addicted to Words With Friends. I'm such a scrabble nerd now. I am horrible but it's fun.
  • The babies are good. Quinlin just turned 17 months (yikes). She has started the transition to Toddler 1 at daycare. Yesterday was her first day of going downstairs and spending time with the 18-24 month kids, and also the 25-36 month kids (which included Owen). I was told that Owen was very caring of her on the playground and made sure everyone knew that was his sister and made sure to include him on everything he did. He showed her the slides and climbing toys and helped her do everything. Such a sweet little guy.
  • Still waiting for my camera cords to arrive. :(

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