Friday, June 24, 2011

True Story

So- I'm at dinner yesterday with some of my girlfriends and I get a frantic phone call from Sean. Story goes like this... Sean was peeing and Owen decided he was going to go as well. So- Owen on the stool attempting to pee, and Sean in full pee mode. Owen slips, almost clocks his head on the back of the toilet and is about to go head first into the bowl. Sean acted fast to "save" Owen and in the meantime peed all over his head. So- he calls me as the shower water was heating up so they could both get cleaned up and the last words out of his mouth were "Fuck...I am going to miss the NBA draft cuz I peed on my kid".


  1. holy crap!!! that is too funny!!! What a way to go into the weekend :) Happy Friday!!

  2. Aaaaand made me laugh again.

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