Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fun, low-key weekend! On Friday, I had the afternoon off and did some things around the house while the kids were still at daycare. That night, I went to my friend's house to meet the new baby, Benjamin Michael. He was so cute and tiny! I had held baby Luca the night before at dinner (who was 10 weeks old) and Benjamin just seemed so small. It was fun to snuggle with two babies in two days.

On Saturday, Sean went golfing with his buddy Pat who was in town and I hung out at home with the kids. My parents came over and we all ventured to the grocery store. It was so nice to be able to shop with the extra help of my folks. Owen loved it, running back and forth between my cart and grandma and poppy's. After nap time, we went over to Pat's parents house for a BBQ. Pat was a groomsmen in our wedding almost 4 years ago and he's getting married in May 2012 and not only does Sean get to return the favor of being a groomsmen, he was asked to be Best Man! He's so excited- and looking to get into Best Man shape! Pat was always like a little brother to Sean (he dated Pat's sister for about 7 years during high school and after) and has remained close with their family. Pat's sister is a great girl and we have become friends as well as their family has really welcomed our family into it. Such great, genuine people! Did I mention the wedding is in Arizona? And the bachelor/ bachelorette parties may be in Vegas? Good times ahead- though just now to figure out who gets the pleasure of watching our crazy children while we are gone! :)

On Sunday, I got to snuggle with another newborn baby, our neighbor Lauren Paige, who was born just the past Wednesday. After all the baby snuggling, you'd think I would be sad about being done having kids. Just more reassurance that we made the right decision. It's fun to hold them, and give them back. Sean's brother and his family came over for lunch and so the kids could play together and then we took them up to the park and let them run wild. It was the first time I brought Quinlin to the big park and she had me on my toes the entire time. She loved it!

I'm looking forward to this week- we are seeing an old co-worker of mine tonight and then just getting through the week to make it to the weekend. Hard to believe it's already the end of June? that can't be right...

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