Thursday, July 28, 2011

18 Month Stats and a Fluke

So we finally made it to Quinlin's 18 month well visit. Her stats- at 18 months, 16 days:
  • weight- 28 lbs, 6 oz- 91%
  • height- 32 1/4 in- 63%
  • head- 46.8cm- 56%

so she's still big- but getting taller- so not as short and plump looking. She did so good at her appointment! she performed on command, showed off all her body parts- even down to her teeth, jumped, etc. Her Dr said she's right where she should be. (It's funny because I look back and Owen was 25 lbs at that age- but also an inch shorter).She got a shot and we were on our way!

We came home and after our routine Dr visit/ Boston Market dinner, Quinlin was running around saying peepee, poopie. So I asked if she had to go potty and she ran right to the bathroom door. I sat her down using Owen's seat and before you know it- she pooped on the potty!

ignore the nakedness and crazy hair (I took her pigtails out prior to this adventure)
I couldn't believe it. when done, she even moved her stool to wash her hands. Either this girl wants to be an overachiever or she's been watching Owen a lot. I definitely will not push... I think she's too young- even though books say they can start at 18 months. I think she needs to learn her body and be able to recognize not only the urge to go, but the ability to hold it in. With Owen, I don't have to ever ask him if he has to go- he just goes when he needs to. So- we'll see what this leads to. I wont be running out to buy new underpants just yet!

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